freelance work

freelance work

Show Flyers

I've done a few freelance illustration projects for bands announcing shows. See my illustration work here. (I'd love to work on more and potentially merch!)

Tech For Campaigns

Tech for Campaigns pairs skilled volunteers with Democratic campaigns in need of digital experts. For this campaign, I was selected as a copywriter on a small remote team to create a new website for a candidate running for State Senate in Michigan. View the final campaign website here.

Sunday Funday for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State

A fun illustrated graphic for the 2024 Sunday Funday event for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State!

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State

This was a client site that wanted an overall update on the look and structure. They wanted something that would be simple enough to edit when they wanted to and allowed for their member-only section. This site was made on WordPress. Click here to see the previous layout.

A screenshot of a web page for Kara Snyder's personal website - the homepage features two photos of her side by side

Client Site

This client wanted a website to highlight their culinary and theater background and that would allow them to simply update, promote and sell her culinary classes and performances. The site was made in WordPress and is optimized for all devices.

A logo for "the Country Fox Cafe" featuring an outline drawing of a fox head in orange with various rustic looking tree drawing around it

Country Fox Cafe

Custom logo created for a new restaurant in north NJ and a custom full menu.

Iron Oak Smokehouse logo; a golden tree with elaborate branches and roots on a dark wooden background

Iron Oak Smokehouse

A new restaurant contacted me through Fiverr and wanted an in-house and take-out menu that they could edit the text on (hence why not all descriptions are final). Illustrations were done by me. View the in-house menu and the take-out menu.

Lunazul logo featuring a red pepper curved in a teal circle


Several custom menus for a restaurant from a Fiverr gig. The menus are all the same design, but mostly vary on products by the time of day. View the:

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